Secret Menu

If you have the link to this secret menu page, that means either

A) You are now an official Dillas Diehard or

B) You pay attention well to the small clues!

Any of these secret menu items or modifications to our meals can be ordered at Dillas – all you have to do is ASK (and be in the know)!

Frie My Dilla

Get french fries inside any Dilla (just like the Gordo)

Queso My Dilla

Hatch Queso drizzled inside your Dilla to make it extreme


half tea, half limeade (you choose sweet or unsweet)

Crispy Tortilla

we’ll keep it on the grill a little longer to get a crispy crust

Naked Fries

get your fries with NO SEASONING for those that don’t like (or don’t want) salt


we may have taken this pepperoni and mushroom Dilla off the menu, doesn’t mean we won’t make it for you

Drizzle My Fries

get a drizzle of Austin’s Own BBQ or Frank’s Buffalo on your Gorilla Fries for an extra twist

Bacon Not A Dilla

add bacon to your salad for extra crunch and flavor