Since I was very young I knew I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. What I found out is that it is very hard and takes years of hard work, focus, and self-improvement. As I went through school and eventually college I learned quickly that the lessons are part reading from those that have done it, learning from mentors who have experienced it, and setting goals then taking action, and earning the results you desire. I started this reading list for a high school talk I did and have been keeping it updated ever since. Good luck, I hope you enjoy these reads as much as I did. Let me know if you need anything and please shoot me any book recommendations you might have on your reading list!

[h3a]The Short List of my Favorite Books:[/h3a]

Success through Positive Mental Attitude
Greatest Salesman in the World 1 and 2
Success Principles
The Secret
Richest Man in Babylon
It’s Okay to be the Boss
Raving Fans
8 books in the Rich Dad Poor Dad series
Who moved my Cheese?
The Strangest Secret
Good to Great
Sales Books by Zig Ziglar
The Obvious Choice
First, Break all the Rules
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Think and Grow Rich
Total Money Makeover
Essays of Warren Buffet
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Winning at the Sport of Business
The War of Art
Steal Like and Artist